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By Jim Shirk

I, Jim Shirk spoke at the Board meeting (August 5.) This is what I said……
Today’s consent agenda this Board will again approve as they do every meeting. They do so, without first discussing how today’s total sum of $1,122,700.04 will be spent. The Board should openly discuss all agenda items to disclose to the citizens how their tax dollars are being spent. The consent agenda bypasses citizens’ rights to know.

Agenda item 12D – will prohibit the licensing of a cannabis (or weed as it is better known as) consumption lounges as a business in Carson City. I have seen a picture of the Mayor in the Bank Salon sitting at the bar with a drink in front of her…..which can only promote alcohol lounges which seems to be ok with the Mayor …citizens all know that alcohol consumption leads to numerous deaths and injuries. This Board has no justification for opposing cannabis lounges.

Agenda item 16B – basically this is about 400 feet versus 400 feet 2 inches – today this shall be interesting how these 2 inches will affect how the Board votes. These 2 inches must be certified by an independent third-party surveyor and there must be the proper paperwork showing verification of these all-important 2 inches.

Agenda item 17A. Carson City’s roadway funding and repair needs…as everyone knows …it is the same as it ever was. This agenda item should have been placed on the consent agenda, that the Board constantly approves. Then this would have avoided the useless presentation that will take place later today.
I haven’t looked up the Sheriff’s pay increase that the Board approved but I’m sure that because Sheriff’s risk their life protecting our community on a daily basis – that their pay increase

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