Atlantic City Casinos Will Probably Continue To Ban Marijuana – The Fresh Toast

New Jersey just legalized recreational marijuana in the November election, but don’t bet on Atlantic City’s casinos amending their policies to accommodate people who use the herb. That’s probably not going to happen, according to a report from the Press Of Atlantic City.

Although people have been secretly using marijuana in the hotels for years, people close to these operations say that’s only because management has turned a blind eye. However, now that marijuana is legal, the protocol might get a little more militant with respect to the “no marijuana” restrictions.

“I don’t think there’s going to be any real major change,” Dan Heneghan, an industry consultant and retired spokesperson for the state Casino Control Commission, told the news source. “The blind eye that (casinos) turn to that will just be opened.”

So far, the Casino Association of New Jersey has not come out and taken a definitive stance against marijuana use. But that is likely because marijuana regulations are still being hashed out in the state legislature. The truth is, New Jersey lawmakers haven’t really given much consideration to how marijuana will be treated in places like casinos, mostly because everyone involved seems to be under the impression that it will be treated the same as alcohol and tobacco. 

“If it’s a nonsmoking room, I would assume you would not be able to smoke cannabis there. But if it’s a smoking room, I don’t see why you couldn’t smoke marijuana there,” said Democratic state Senator Nicholas Scutari.

But the gaming world isn’t keen on weed. All one has to do is look to Nevada to see that much is true. 

Although the Silver State legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2016, Las Vegas casinos still aren’t pot-friendly. Since marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, the Nevada Gaming Commission

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