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The spacey, space-y edible brand putting the whimsical back in modern weed, with purpose.

Photo courtesy of Astral

“What’s interesting about weed culture is, to non-consumers, it’s all Bob Marley and Cheech and Chong. But really, weed culture is everywhere. It’s a part of nerd culture. Sports culture. Adult Swim. Absurdist comedy. Gamer culture. Meme culture. Rather, weed is a part of culture everywhere.”

Riley Parker had thought these kinds of creative cannabis thoughts for a while now. So when the Portland, OR-based illustrator and product designer by trade found himself at a cannabis grow for a music video shoot he was working on, he couldn’t help but share those thoughts. 

Kevin Collins—a budding entrepreneur who’d moved from Ohio to Portland for college and a potential Nike career— was eager to hear them. Collins had been mulling on a concept of his own for some time, something for the channel-flipping, Netflix-binging super users that consume pop culture as fast as they finish their 100 mg tin of gummies. While working at this farm, Collins was attending major trade shows like MJBizCon and Hall of Flowers, listening to talks about the future of the industry at the same time he was learning about centering consumer experience in his university courses on athletic branding.

Photo courtesy of Astral

“I just knew there was a consumer group out there that was being ignored,” says Collins. “Super consumers who are super loyal and engaged on social platforms. The anime-watching community; the Twitch community—there are tons of people who love pop culture and cannabis, but brands weren’t really prioritizing creating content for them.”

The two would get to

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