Assembly passes bill to legalize cannabis lounges – Las Vegas Review-Journal

CARSON CITY — Nevada’s cannabis consumption lounge legislation cleared a major hurdle Thursday, a move that comes a little over a month before a moratorium on social use venues is set to expire.

Assembly Bill 341 passed out of the Assembly on a 29-12 vote, with Republicans Tom Roberts, R-Las Vegas, Andy Matthews, R-Las Vegas, Annie Black, R-Mesquite, and Jill Dickman, R-Sparks, voting with Democrats to push the bill over the required two-thirds threshold.

Under the bill, the Cannabis Compliance Board would have the authority to regulate consumption lounges throughout the state, with two types of licenses they could give out. One type would be attached to a dispensary, while the other would be for a bar-like independent lounge with the ability to sell single-use products to be consumed on-site. Alcohol could not be served in the lounges.

If the legislation is not enacted this session, local governments could have free rein to license those lounges themselves starting July 1. A 2019 bill that created the cannabis board also installed a two-year moratorium that prevented local governments from licensing consumption lounges on their own.

“If we don’t do it, the moratorium would expire. So these were coming one way or another,” said the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, D-Las Vegas. “It was whether they were going to be regulated and whether the state was going to benefit from some of the licensing fees.”

It was that reasoning that helped swing Roberts, one of four Republicans who supported the measure in the Assembly, to vote for the measure.

“This was pretty decent regulation that we put together in this bill, so I felt it was important that the state have the regulations rather than each municipality,” Roberts said.

Supporters of the proposal have argued the need for lounges since Nevadans voted

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