As business booms for logistics and trucking companies, reliable drivers in short supply – Northern Nevada Business Weekly

You see them everywhere. Throttling up and down interstates, backing into warehouse loading docks, sidling up to grocery stores and retail centers, even snaking down subdivisions.

They’re filled with food, construction materials, raw materials, home appliances, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and more. They’re semi-trucks, and they’re helping keep the U.S. economy up and running — now more than ever.

That’s especially true in Nevada, where 80% of the state’s communities depend exclusively on trucks to move their goods and stock their shelves. In all, trucks in the Silver State are transporting 55,410 tons per day, according to the Nevada Trucking Association.

“Our folks are moving 95.3% of all the freight in the Silver State,” Paul Enos, the association’s CEO, told the NNBW. “That’s much bigger than other states around the country. Nevada doesn’t have a Mississippi River or seaports or an extensive rail system or even an extensive pipeline system. So, trucks move the lion’s share of the freight.”

Truth is, a year ago, many people would have been hard-pressed to talk about the supply chain in Nevada or any state, for that matter.

But when the products used to combat COVID-19 like PPE and basics needed during quarantine like TP were in short supply last spring, the inner workings of transporting goods from manufacturers to consumers and businesses suddenly took on new importance.

So did the need for reliable truck drivers.

“I’m never going to say what my folks do is easy, but we’re probably the most resilient part of the supply chain,” Enos said. “We’re going to go where the freight is, we’re going to get it to where it needs to go.”

And as online shopping and e-commerce booms, and businesses look to make their supply chains more agile to meet shifting consumer demands, many trucking and logistics companies have been on a roll.

Mike Smith,

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