Arizona voters approve legalized recreational marijuana – Arizona Daily Star

A new law will eventually will give the Department of Health Services the authority to inspect everything that’s being sold out of state-licensed dispensaries.

Mamta Popat / Arizona Daily Star By Howard Fischer Capitol Media Services

Arizona adults will be allowed to legally smoke, eat or drink marijuana starting early next month, when Tuesday’s election results are certified.

But it’ll be another month before they can buy marijuana legally from a state-licensed outlet.

Proposition 207, when it formally becomes law the first week of December as the results are certified, will allow adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. They also can have up to six plants — double that if there are multiple adults in the house. As of late Tuesday, the measure was supported by 54% of the votes counted. 

Opponents of Proposition 207 conceded defeat. But spokeswoman Lisa James claimed that the win was because of “deceit and self-interest” by proponents. She pointed out the measure was crafted and financed by the owners of marijuana companies who stand to benefit financially.

“This unelected group of wealthy marijuana insiders wrote the rules for their new industry and almost single-handedly financed the proposition with one goal in mind: they get rich while Arizonans pay the price,” she said in a prepared statement.

Steve White, CEO of Harvest Health and Recreation, a multi-state retailer of recreational and medical marijuana, put in nearly $2 million of the nearly $5 million spent in support of the proposition.

White acknowledged the measure is written in a way to all but guarantee that the firms that run existing medical marijuana dispensaries get one of the limited licenses to

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