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A new advocacy group emerged in the wake of Prop 64 to represent the legacy farmers and small independent rural businesses of California cannabis. For the month of February, Origins Council and its Regional Partner organizations are collaborating to drive a Matching Funds Campaign to raise $100,000 to assist cannabis businesses hit hard by the pandemic, fires and economic downturn.

Each of OC’s five Regional Partner organizations has committed to raising $10,000 in business sponsorship(s) and Origins Council has committed to matching that effort by raising $50,000 in business sponsorship(s). Sponsors enjoy a tiered suite of deliverables, including public acknowledgement as supporters of this vital, historic effort to bring the unified voice, sustainability values and unique products of the legacy cannabis producing community to the world.

Helping ‘legacy growers’ navigate changes

Founded in 2019, the Origins Council builds upon the preceding work of the Mendocino Appellations Project and the California Growers Association. Today, California’s rural legacy producing regions are facing an escalating crisis related to the complexity, expense and protracted timelines associated with state and local regulations and land use requirements for legal cannabis businesses.

Origins Council does not accept individual membership, but rather partners with professional membership-based regional trade associations representing rural legacy cannabis producing regions in California. 

In 2018, California launched the most environmentally protective and complex regulatory framework ever seen for an agricultural product. Rigorous environmental standards, policies and programs were established for cannabis farming. Pesticide use and product testing standards were developed that ensure consumers are purchasing clean, safe cannabis products. The legacy farming community has been a vocal, committed stakeholder group instrumental in driving this vision for sustainably produced, high quality regulated cannabis products. 

Unfortunately, the rollout of legalization and regulation in California has been fraught with implementation challenges and, as

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