Another Shady Guiliani Associate Arrested in SF Over Marijuana Scheme – SFist

I did not see marijuana charges, San Francisco arrests, and a Livermore pot grow coming in the unfolding Ukraine-Trump “Rudy Collude-y” scandal. But here we are, prepare the popcorn.

The Ukraine craziness that’s led to an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s conduct has gone off-the-charts bonkers in the last 36 hours, since the New York Times reported that two of  Rudy Giuliani’s arm-twisting associates were arrested trying to leave the country. Those two fellows were indicted Thursday on criminal charges of orchestrating a twisted network of illegal campaign contributions. But one of the many tentacles in their elaborate scheme involved bribing Nevada politicians to get permits for marijuana dispensaries and farm operations. The FBI is all over that one too, and KPIX reports that a business partner of the two arrested Guiliani associates was arrested himself in San Francisco Thursday morning, and was scheduled to appear in the U.S. District Court here this morning.

Ukrainian Andrey Kukushkin, Linked To Giuliani Associates, Arrested In San Francisco On Campaign Finance Violations

— The Tao of Now (@InTheNoosphere) October 11, 2019

Bay City News identifies the suspect as Ukrainian-born Andrey Kukushkin, a naturalized U.S. citizen. Kukushkin appears to have nothing to do with Ukranian election interference or the attempts to manufacture dirt on Joe Biden; instead, he’s part of a Nevada marijuana bribery scheme that is officially transforming this magnicently stupid saga into a Coen brothers movie.  

SDNY indictment:
—Lev Parnas, US Citizen (Ukraine)
—Igor Fruman, US Citizen (Belarus)
—David Correia, US Citizen
—Andrey Kukushkin, Ukraine
—Foreign National—1, Russia

Scheme to launder foreign money via LLC’s to candidates, PACs began March 2018.

— Omar Aslam Lugo (@OmarAslamLugo) October 10, 2019

Where to begin? The two Guiliani associates arrested Thursday trying to fly to Vienna on one-way tickets (and this is

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