Amended plea nets drug buyer four years of supervised probation – Fergus Falls Daily Journal

An amended plea of guilt to one of three felony charges Friday in Seventh District Court Friday left Elijah De’Angelo Neal with a four-year sentence of supervised probation and court fees of $410.

The 20-year-old Las Vegas, Nevada, man was booked Jan. 24 on charges of aggravated robbery, simple robbery and theft. He entered a plea of guilty to theft. Judge Barbara Hanson dismissed the other two charges. Aggravated robbery in Minnesota carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison and a $35,000 fine, or both.

According to court records, on Jan. 24 two Fergus Falls police officers were dispatched to a duplex on the 900 block of North Buse Street in response to an alleged assault. Upon arrival, officers smelled marijuana, secured the residence and obtained a search warrant.

The officers were told by the resident that during the course of a drug sale two men had attacked a male who was weighing out drugs.

During the ensuing altercation both the resident and the seller fought with the two buyers. One of the men allegedly struck the dealer with a green and black handgun and then dropped it in the snow. The dealer retrieved the dropped weapon after a neighbor called the police. He placed the handgun behind a dresser.

Learning the seller was on probation the officers contacted the seller’s probation officer and later arrested the seller for obstructing the legal process. A search of the seller’s backpack confirmed it contained approximately 33 grams of marijuana, 6 grams of marijuana wax, $190 in U.S. currency, numerous baggies and other drug paraphernalia.

Witnesses provided a description of the two drug buyers and the name of one. Additional information led officers to Othello Williams and the

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