All the states that have legalized weed, including 3 since N.J. began its quest –

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Gov. Phil Murphy hoped to make recreational marijuana legal in the Garden State by his first 100 days in office.

But now, at about his two-year mark, the back and forth saga in the Democratic-controlled Legislature over getting it passed in the state Legislature has concluded with a thud. Nope. Not gonna happen.

Instead, voters will decide at the ballot next year whether to legalize pot — much to Murphy’s disappointment.

All the while, three states — Michigan, Vermont and Illinois — have legalized pot since Murphy took office and worked to whip up support for the measure in Trenton.

In total, marijuana for adult use has been legalized in 10 states and the District of Columbia. Here they are and how much smokers are allowed to have, according to


It was the first state to have recreational marijuana, which passed in 2012 after voters were asked whether they wanted to amend the state’s constitution. That could be the same way New Jersey gets legal weed.

It’s legal to have one ounce and six plants (but no more than three mature plants).


Pass by ballot initiative in 2012, it’s legal to have one ounce.


It’s legal to have one ounce and up to six plants (no more than three mature) since 2014.


One ounce in public and eight ounces of homegrown became legal in 2014 by ballot measure.

District of Columbia

Having two ounces was legalized in 2014 by ballot initiative.


One ounce and up to six plants were legalized two years ago during the presidential election.


Not to be

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