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Exclusive Interview with Agrify President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Raymond Chang

Agrify (NASDAQ: AGFY) serves the cannabis industry with grow solutions designed to maximize yield and improve quality and consistency at the lowest cost of production. President, CEO and Chairman of the Board Raymond Chang spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about his company’s vertical farming units, its total turn-key solution offering and increasing guidance for 2021. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

Talent at Agrify

Chang saw a family member benefit from medicinal cannabis, and he has a long history of leveraging data and technology to disrupt industries. He has worked in the telecommunications, retail and automobile industries. He considers indoor agriculture ripe for the next wave of disruption.

The Agrify team also includes executives like CFO Niv Krikov, Chief Science Officer David Kessler and SVP of Marketing Michelle Sitton. Krikov has a history of working with publicly listed companies. Kessler has in-depth plant science experience, and Sitton has worked with some of the largest MSOs in the industry.

Vertical Farming Units

Agrify focuses on high-value plants, working with clients who grow cannabis, hemp and other unique herbal plants. Its system is designed to provide the optimal growing environment.

The company’s vertical farming units (VFUs) are able to help maximize yield by shifting a facility’s capacity from square feet to cubic feet. The system is able to extend capacity by up to six times canopy square footage, according to Chang.

An Agrify VFU

Agrify’s system is also designed to offer the same growing conditions (humidity, light exposure, airflow and temperature) regardless of the level. These consistent conditions help to drive crop consistency.

Additionally, the company’s

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