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Rundown Facebook: @Acreslasvegas Instagram: @acresdispensary Twitter: @AcresCannabis Website: Address: 2320 Western Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102 Store Hours: Open 24 Hours Daily Acres Cannabis – Las Vegas, NV

Acres Cannabis is an alternative and unique dispensary and event space just a stone’s throw away from the Las Vegas Strip. Showcasing trippy and elaborate graffiti both inside and out, Acres separates itself from the typical “medically focused” vibe by engaging the local art culture and the experiential side of retail. “We wanted to create something that’s never been done before in Las Vegas, or anywhere else for that matter,” says General Manager, Nick Sanchez. “It’s a completely different model from what people will see on the East Coast. Everyone wants to be the ‘Apple Store of cannabis,’ we see ourselves as the Harley Davidson,” says Sanchez.

The Place

Acres is the only dispensary in the state that offers customers a museum-style installation showcasing a wall that educates customers on the history of cannabis. From early China to the ‘70s and ‘80s, visitors can follow the wall’s timeline and see how this industry went from Anslinger’s marijuana prohibition to celebrating celebrities like Mick Jagger and George Carlin on the cover of “High Times.” Besides the actual dispensary portion of the shop, Acres has a one-of-a-kind farmer’s market place called ‘The Underground’ where it allows several rotating vendors to sell products directly to consumers every Friday and Saturday. It acts as a launching pad for brands to both showcase their products and to offer up bangin’ deals found nowhere else in the city. These guys also have the only dispensary in Nevada with an open view production and kitchen for customers to watch how oil is made, refined and packaged for sale. Acres offers live glassblowing classes daily,

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