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Exclusive Interview with DNA Genetics CEO Charles Phillips

Most cannabis brands are in their infancy, but the DNA Genetics name has been a global name for more than a decade. Started in Amsterdam, the brand is now expanding in the United States and other markets. CEO Charles Phillips spoke with New Cannabis Ventures about the company’s partnerships, market share, and upcoming RTO. The audio of the entire conversation is available at the end of this written summary.

A Stanford Business School MBA, Phillips spent time working in Silicon Valley, but he was interested in growth opportunities that could also help people. He knew family and friends who used cannabis and recognized the opportunity. Phillips entered the cannabis business by working on business development at Harborside.

The Founders

DNA Genetics founders Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni have built the company over the past 13 years. The duo spent 10 years in Amsterdam and then came to California as legalization began to ramp up. Phillips views the two as the company’s visionaries.

DNA Genetics Founders Don Morris and Aaron Yarkoni

The Power of Genetics

DNA Genetics began as a seed store, and now, it is one of the preeminent strain providers in the industry. The company does genetic selection, breeding, and cultivation. It is focused on creating and selecting strains based on different terpene profiles.

While the company is largely recreational at the moment, it is interested in the medical side of the business. DNA Genetics is working with tissue culture companies and universities to understand how plant genetics could be used for specific profiles that can be tested, dosed, and used responsibly.

Market Presence

DNA Genetics has a seed store in Amsterdam, as well as international presence in Germany, Canada, and Jamaica through its partnership with Canopy Growth. In

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