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By Chloe Aiello

Cloud-based government software provider Accela is partnering with software development company cloudPWR in pursuit of an end-to-end cannabis regulatory solution for state and local governments.

By combining Accela’s track-and-trace and licensing software with cloudPWR’s HIPAA-compliant medical marijuana patient registry, the companies hope to not only stand out in the competitive world of government compliance software, but also help their clients maximize tax revenue and ensure the cannabis in their systems stays out of the black market.

“Accela’s approach in building out this ecosystem  —  and we are very pleased to be the first company to have moved forward and partnered with Accela  —  is to basically create an end-to-end ecosystem where the licensing and the permitting of the businesses, track-and-trace, law enforcement, and patient registry are all one system that state and local governments can rely on,” said Shadrach White, CEO and founder of cloudPWR.

Through the partnership, Accela will be taking on the role of marketing and selling cloudPWR’s AIRLIFT, as well as investing more into its own software. CloudPWR will reap the benefits of Accela’s broad network.

“It basically opens up the U.S. and Canada in terms of the pool of customers, states, local entities that will be exposed to AIRLIFT,” White said. “It’s an unprecedented opportunity for us as a company.”

As a leading provider of government software solutions for many categories beyond just cannabis, Accela has a presence in more than 2,000 jurisdictions across all 50 states in the U.S. Its emerging markets division offers regulatory software for edge industries like scooters, drones, and marijuana. Accela has only been working on cannabis for about three years but already its software is at work on the local, state, or both levels in California, Colorado, Michigan, and Nevada.

By comparison, cloudPWR is smaller  —  but

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