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People who want to use cannabidiol (CBD) but don’t like tinctures, smokable flower of vape might prefer ingesting it through edibles. There are CBD-infused treats available for all tastes—gummies, lollipops, chocolate bars, beverages, cookies, brownies, popcorn—the list goes on.

However, until regulation and standards are implemented at the federal level, it’s buyer beware. The responsibility of the verifying if the edible was lab tested and checking how the CBD was infused into the items, falls squarely on the consumer.

Leafreport.com, a Tel Aviv-based CBD analysis company, recently tested 40 different CBD edibles, including gummies, brownies, candy, honey sticks and popcorn. They tested products made by both larger, well-known companies as well as smaller brands. Their Feb. 17, 2021 report found that only one in four edibles tested contained the labeled amount of CBD advertised, and 63% contained more CBD than advertised.

“We started working on Leafreport shortly after the Farm Bill has passed. We saw the industry start to develop and many brands were established. We felt there is a lot of missing information and comparison options between brands,” says Lital Shafir, head of product at Leafreport. “We started to approach brands for collaborations, and we attended some CBD conferences to recruit a medical team. We also partnered with a third party lab in Las Vegas, Canalysis Laboratories, to serve as our testing partner so we could have an ongoing product review program.”

Canalysis Laboratories has also tested products and shared their findings for local media segments in Nevada.

Shafir says most of the companies tested are American brands, but Leafreport also wanted to include a mix of reputable brands and smaller, unknown brands in order to give the best representation of the market. Overall, their findings suggests that most edible CBD products don’t contain the correct amount of CBD as indicated in the label; only a quarter of

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