Abortion, racism issues, marijuana, gambling among ballot measures – Kentucky Today

By DIANA CHANDLER, Baptist Press

NASHVILLE (BP) – More than 100 statewide measures are on ballots in 32 states Tuesday, addressing issues including abortion, racial discrimination and sensitivity, gun use, medical and recreational marijuana, and sports and charitable betting.

The most restrictive abortion measure on the ballot is Louisiana Amendment 1, which asks voters to “protect human life” by proclaiming “nothing in present constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion,” according to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. Colorado Proposition 115 would ban abortions past 22 weeks, except to save the life of the mother. Colorado is one of six states and Washington D.C. that do not restrict abortion after a certain point in pregnancy, according to ballotpedia.com.

Churches in Alabama’s Franklin and Lauderdale counties are asking voters to approve constitutional amendments that would allow individuals to “stand their ground” and “use deadly force” to defend themselves or others in churches.

Montana’s ballot has a measure to limit local governmental authority to regulate firearms.

Mississippi voters will decide whether to replace the state flag with a design that does not include the Confederate battle symbol. The statewide vote is required after the Mississippi Legislature voted in June to retire the flag adopted in 1894. Voters are being asked to adopt a new design approved by a nine-member commission that includes the words, “In God We Trust.”

In other issues dealing with race, according to ballotpedia:

Alabama Amendment 4 asks voters to authorize constitutional revisions including the removal of unenforceable language that mandates separate schools for “white and colored.” Rhode Island Question 1, in a state legislature referred matter, would change the official name of the state from “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” to Rhode Island, deleting the plantation reference. Measures in Nebraska

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