A Snapshot of Nevada's Cannabis Retail Market: Q&A with the Nevada Dispensary Association – Cannabis Dispensary

For the past five years, the Nevada Dispensary Association (NDA) has represented the majority of cannabis dispensaries in the state through its work performing public outreach, assisting with government affairs issues, providing educational resources and generally encouraging a more cohesive industry.

Now, as the state’s cannabis retailers face challenges stemming from constantly evolving regulations and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has appointed a new executive director, Layke Martin, who previously served as the former assistant dean for external relations at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) William S. Boyd School of Law.

“We’re extremely fortunate and excited to work with Ms. Martin, [and] we’re continuing in our upward professional and sophisticated path,” NDA President Tisha Black tells Cannabis Dispensary.

Here, Martin and Black provide insight into the current challenges facing the state’s dispensaries, as well as the organization’s goals following Martin’s recent appointment.

Cannabis Dispensary: Layke, can you describe your background and how this past experience will complement your new role as NDA’s executive director?

Layke Martin: I am a lawyer, as well as a professor. I’ve spent the last decade working in higher education at the law school at UNLV, as well as at the school of public policy. In my role at the law school, I oversaw a lot of our external relationships, managing relationships with donors, alumni, judges and legal employers, as well as overseeing our communications [and] marketing.

I think all of that very much ties into what this organization provides in terms of service to its members, making sure that we’re providing clear communications [and] updated information to our members, as well as developing information resources. I have a lot of background in that, and we’re very much interested in expanding our education and training program for our members. Of course, to tie

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