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Suspicious package: Engle Road

Police went to Federal Express at 1:25 p.m. Sept. 28 regarding a package with a strong odor of suspected marijuana. It was noticed during processing.

The manager opened the package while on camera and confirmed that the product inside was a green, leafy substance.

The package was addressed to a man in Cleveland from a woman in Nevada. It also had a tracking number. A handwritten note on the back of the package said: “Jameeka, love you long time stupid b****! P.S. I hate you (heart).”

Two items included in the package were flavored scents. There was also a broken glass jar that contained suspected marijuana. A label had a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary name on it.

The suspected marijuana was to be properly destroyed.

Drunken driving: Bagley Road

Police went to Speedway at 1 a.m. Sept. 26 regarding a man who had stumbled from his car and into the store. A witness alerted police about the possible drunken driver.

The witness said the driver almost hit him in the station’s parking lot. It also took the suspect two times to pull straight into a parking spot. The witness also said he stumbled about 5 feet from his car in the wrong direction.

The suspect was in the driver’s seat as the officer pulled his cruiser behind the suspect’s car. The motorist’s eyes were glassy and he smelled of alcohol.

The officer told the motorist that there had been reports of him driving recklessly and that bystanders were concerned for his wellbeing.

The man struggled to find his license inside his wallet. He did not respond to the officer’s question about where he was coming from. He said he smelled of alcohol because he had been around people who were drinking.

He told the officer he would

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