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The race for County Commissioner in District A in Clark County is an important one, because it not only covers the ever-growing southwest and stretches all the way to California, but parts of the Strip as well. 

Transportation is a big issue for that area — and now, so is crime, given the spate of violence that has plagued the resort corridor since Labor Day Weekend. 

That issue could make challenger and Republican Michael Thomas, a retired police officer, well-suited for the job.  

But there are many issues — especially thanks to Covid-19 — that concern District A. And Democrat Michael Naft, the incumbent, knows the area and its needs well.  


Michael Naft 

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On violence on the Las Vegas Strip:

I have conversations every single day about this topic. It’s critical, not only for our own residents to feel in our community – it’s really what amounts to quality of life knowing you can be safe and have the resources you need to protect you and your family – but it is also so pivotal that we’re ensuring the safety of our tourism corridor.

I speak every single day with Metro and with the stakeholders who are involved. Just a few minutes ago, I got off the phone with Capt. [Dori] Koren, who oversees the Convention Center Area Command. That’s the area that has jurisdiction over most of Las Vegas Boulevard.

I commend him. He has done an incredible job. He’s one of the best we’ve got working on this problem every day with a program he calls: Persistence. He has been working hard, he and his officers, to try and make sure we’re doing everything within our power to return the Strip to the safe

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