A budding trend: Cannabis consumers pairing exercise with pot – Pueblo Chieftain

When it comes to preparing for exercise, Puebloan Heather Montelongo has a routine.

Prior to taking off for the gym, which she does three to five times per week, Montelongo motivates herself for her workout with the help of her favorite supplement – one that defies most stereotypes that typically surround its users: marijuana.

“A lot of people don’t associate marijuana with activity,” Montelongo, who works as the facility manager for the 404 Dispensary, said.

“Everybody thinks that stoners are lazy. They have that kind of stereotype already. But with me, I’m a go-getter when it comes to smoking marijuana and being an athlete.”

By smoking a dab – a concentrated dose of cannabis made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids – or a prerolled cannabis joint prior to each workout, Montelongo said she helps put herself in the right state of mind to tackle each rep with maximum effort and output.

“With marijuana … I feel zoned in and more focused throughout the whole entire workout,” Montelongo said.

“I can just zone out. Sometimes I don’t even recognize that the gym is full, just because I am so in-tune with what I am doing … it’s just amazing how it makes me feel in the gym.”

Whether her workout routine consists of upper body lifts, heavy cardio sessions on the treadmill or stair stepper, or a concentration on legs and lower body exercise, marijuana is Montelongo’s constant companion at the gym.

But it’s not just for motivation to go to the gym that Montelongo sees value in using marijuana, she said she’s also found that using the plant helps her to recover when her muscles are sore from the day’s lifts.

“What I use to help with recovery is we have topical creams,” Montelongo said.

“For me personally, I

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