71 new state laws for Nevadans to learn – Nevada Appeal

A total of 71 new laws took effect Wednesday, including the mandate to implement automatic voter registration, barring insurance companies from denying a person coverage because of pre-existing conditions and prohibiting the sale of vaping products to anyone under age 18.

The following is a sampling of some of those laws:

AB131 tightens the rules governing who can work in community based living arrangement services for those with developmental disabilities or mental illness. It adds community based service providers to the list of those already prohibited from working in hospitals and homes and requires background checks for new employees. It also provides for a study of training requirements and standards for workers providing those services including contractors.

AB132 prohibits denying some one employment because of the presence of marijuana in a screening test. The law doesn’t apply to certain professions such as law enforcement.

AB170 was written to protect the Affordable Care Act’s mandate prohibiting insurers from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions. It also prohibits charging some one a higher premium, deductible or copay based on pre-existing conditions.

AB176 enacts the sexual assault survivor’s Bill of Rights, including protections during a forensic exam and interviews with law enforcement officials or prosecutors. The bill affords the survivor the right to counsel and sets out procedures regarding collection and analysis of forensic analysis kits. It also prohibits a defendant from challenging their conviction based on failure to follow collection and analysis timelines. It further provides the survivor the right to be reasonably protected from the defendant, prohibits imposing a requirement of a polygraph exam on the survivor. AB124 is a companion measure that requires the creation and distribution of documents that provide information to sexual assault victims. The document would be provided to victims at the hospital or emergency treatment center.

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