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Celebrities in the cannabis industry are not as common as you might think. Not only does it take an investment, but it also takes courage to tell the public that they are consumers. But, little by little, things are starting to change and celebrities in cannabis are sprouting up more frequently.

As the most consumed psychotropic plant in the United States, cannabis has a magnetism that not even the stars can resist. It’s no wonder they’re using their star power to tap into the industry and pushing their investments to new levels.

Here are 7 celebrities that have entered the cannabis industry through investments, partnerships, or entrepreneurialism.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Cann

Gwyneth, a famous- Emmy award-winning actress, is a new investor in Cann, a THC-infused beverage company. With a strong following of health-conscious consumers behind her, Gwyneth and her Goopsters are welcome in the cannabis community.

The Game – Trees by Game

The Game, an American rapper and actor, developed cannabis brand Trees by Game. With both flower and concentrate offerings, this California-based brand is a curated connection to hip-hop.


7 musicians with their own line of cannabis products

Montel Williams – Lenitiv


How Montel Williams took back his stolen CBD brand

Montel, an American radio talk show host, television personality, and actor is behind premium hemp and CBD brand, Lenitiv. As a “culmination of Williams’ life’s work,” his Montel by Select CBD brand is just one way he’s helping give patients and adult users access to safe CBD and THC.  

Seth Rogen – Houseplant


Seth Rogen is Launching a Canadian Cannabis Brand Called Houseplant

Seth Rogen’s love for weed is well-documented, and his brand, Houseplant has already gained popularity in Canada.

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