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Despite heavy regulation, growth in the cannabis industry isn’t slowing down. Technology vendors are continuing to launch marijuana-focused software; more mainstream businesses like accounting and consulting firms are partnering with cannabis companies; and popular celebrities are coming out with their own cannabis brands. One of the most noticeable trends is a consolidation of technology providers, as more cannabis businesses trade in single-purpose platforms for all-in-one solutions.

That trend has led to a significant uptick in the number of cannabis businesses using seed-to-sale ERP software. Seed-to-sale platforms give cannabis businesses a way to track and regulate inventory. Although older seed-to-sale systems were challenging for growers to use, updated versions of the most popular platforms have been re-designed to allow growers to more easily track inventory, run smarter operations, and identify crop hazards in a way that still meets current regulations.

Here are five popular seed-to-sale platforms for cannabis businesses.

An ERP designed for operators in the seed-to-sale supply chain, BLAZE helps automate the day-to-day tasks and compliance needed to run a cannabis business. The platform itself can be broken down into three main parts. BLAZE Grow tracks plants individually across the lifecycle and offers cultivators insights into day-to-day operations. BLAZE Distro includes tools for managing any cannabis business, with features for invoicing, calculating taxes, and controlling inventory and shipments. BLAZE Retail speeds up transactions and helps dispensaries improve their customer interactions. BLAZE has already formed partnerships with some of the most well-known technology providers in the cannabis industry, including Nugg, Weedmaps, and Leafbuyer.

2. BioTrackTHC
BioTrackTHC’s seed-to-sale software is used by more than 2,000 cannabis businesses. The platform itself was designed to manage every aspect of a licensed cannabis business, including cultivation operations, processing and manufacturing, and dispensary point-of-sale. BioTrackTHC’s software can be customized based on local regulations in the user’s

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