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Priscilla Vilchis

Photo Courtesy: Thais Vieira

I love covering women in cannabis who may not necessarily have their hand up yelling- pick me for your next five questions! This is exactly how I discovered Priscilla Vilchis. She was not jumping up and down for attention. I found her by osmosis. She’s taken a journey into cannabis that most people have no idea about, thus my five questions. It’s a tough business to find success in, thus everyone deserves a chance to make their own way in cannabis. I believe that deeply. Now, without any more further delays, please eMeet Priscilla Vilchis, a Latina Cannabis Trailblazer. Thank you, WB.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself? Why Cannabis? What was your inspiration for the plant?

Priscilla Vilchis=PV: I grew up in a very strict and Catholic Latino family in Los Angeles. Never in my life would I have guessed that I would end up in the marijuana business. I was terrified of weed growing up. My parents told me I would die if I ever smoked it and as a little girl when the sun started to set my grandmother would get me to come inside the house by telling me the Marihuanero was coming. I didn’t even try weed until I was well over the legal age. A close friend of mine had been diagnosed with breast cancer and in solidarity with her I smoked for the first time after hearing it would help alleviate her nausea. 

 My journey to this industry has been very unconventional. In my 20’s I worked with some of Southern California’s top physicians and helped them navigate regulations and negotiate with insurance carriers. I dropped out of college and began to open several successful businesses within the healthcare industry. 

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