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There is a lot of knowledge behind the ways cannabis growers might choose to control lighting, climate, and water management systems. Recipes developed over years of practice inform how these cultivators use lighting systems, the target environmental conditions they maintain in grow rooms, and the mix of nutrients supplied when irrigating their plants.

Cultivators can conduct major building systems’ activities differently depending on what type of cultivation operations and building systems they are utilizing. Some facilities may operate on grower memory, where equipment is manually controlled. Others may use controls systems to monitor and manage their building systems. Innovative growers integrate controls together, orchestrating their building systems in concert with each other.

With systems integration, automation is possible and offers opportunities to improve productivity and reduce labor costs. Eliminating employees walking, turning dials, flipping switches, and managing schedules gives growers more time with plants and data.

Automation can also enhance and ensure plant health and vitality. Control system upgrades can pay for themselves by freeing up growers to scout for pests and diseases that may have gone unnoticed, which can prevent crop loss and increase your facility’s productivity.

Today’s controlled grow operations often have systems operating independently. They often perform well in their own lanes but cannot optimally monitor or control without integrating with other systems. For example, a grow light manufacturer might provide a controller with their light, but their proprietary control system is designed to control their lights alone. Out of the box, their lights cannot automatically dim based on inputs from environmental sensors made by other manufacturers, nor inform HVAC or irrigation processes. This requires the integration of independent systems.

When shopping for integrated systems, it is important that growers seek proposals from several different contractors and engineers in the process, and make sure those proposals include

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