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Welcome to Leafly’s live 4/20 coverage for 2019! As has become tradition, we’ll be updating you throughout the day with rolling coverage of news, events, and other bits and bobs to keep you informed and entertained no matter how you’re spending this most storied day in cannabis.

Check back often! We’ll be posting live reports all day long.

Good Night, Everyone!

SEATTLE — And so we end Leafly’s annual 4/20 liveblog. (It’s about time we started celebrating, ourselves.) Thanks for joining us on an adventure through what this holiday has become. We know the day’s almost over, but wait—this is the best part of the liveblog! Spark something if you like, put up your feet, and scroll through this messy portrait of what 4/20 has come to mean to so many different people.

Happy 4/20 from everyone here at Leafly.

—Ben Adlin


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In Echo Park, Los Angeles Plays Into the Sunset

LOS ANGELES — The sun was coming out as Shred 420 was getting underway here in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Funk played as vendors sold tie-dye apparel, handmade art, and memorabilia to attendees drinking beers and Grateful Dead–inspired cocktails. Young fans bumped shoulders with seasoned Deadheads as the sun made for the horizon.

Live art, food vendors serving Middle Eastern-style burritos and wraps as well as official Shred 420 merch were stationed near the entrance of the Echoplex on Glendale Boulevard.

(Lexis-Olivier Ray for Leafly)

In the back patio, Pacific Range warmed up an already-dense crowd that will likely grow as bands and DJs play into Saturday evening.

The event caps off an eventful day in a city celebrating two years of cannabis being legal recreationally. This year marked a change in

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