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HARRISBURG – A statewide listening tour to explore the issue of marijuana legalization by Lt. Gov. John Fetterman wraps up this weekend with a series of events in Philadelphia.

Fetterman has spent the past four months visiting each county in Pennsylvania to solicit public input on the issue. He’s promised a report on his conclusions based on the tour that will be released next month.

In addition to holding the listening tour town halls, the lieutenant governor has also been accepting online comments.

His office received about 30,000 online comments, Christine Kauffman, a spokeswoman for Fetterman, said on Friday.

She didn’t have a tally for the number of people who’d visited the town hall sessions on Friday. Most people who’ve turned out for those meetings have expressed support for the idea of legalizing marijuana.

Fetterman launched the tour after Gov. Tom Wolf said the state should have a serious conversation about the possibility of legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use. In making that announcement, Wolf pointed to indications that both New York and New Jersey were on the verge of relaxing their marijuana laws. Neither of the neighboring states has followed through on legalizing recreational marijuana. But it is legal in the District of Columbia and 10 states – Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington.

A sample of online comments obtained through a Right-to-Know request indicates that the majority of people who submitted written opinions were in favor of legalizing the drug, as well.

Forty-five of the first 50 comments submitted once the online comment went live were in favor of legalization of marijuana for recreational use by adults. A sample of another 50 comments taken in the middle of the comment period shows a slightly diminished level of support, but

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