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3 Marijuana Stocks To Watch 3rd Week Of November

Marijuana stocks are still facing some pullback in the market. The concern is with federal reform in a bit of hold up what will help bring the sector back up. Well to take a step back the first 2 weeks of November marijuana stocks were looking good. Right before this time, cannabis stocks were seeing only small volatile pops in trading. Nothing that was able to be sustained to a higher market position. Yet in the first 14 days of November, there was a good amount of buildup and progressive news. For example, prior to the current hold up the news of bipartisan support helped increase momentum.

As well November is the time when many top cannabis companies began to release earnings. And with the success out of the market showing promising results, this all played a factor. These first 2 weeks of November were a sign that better trading can exist in a down market. The only thing there needs to be is the correct catalyst to make it happen. Now with a new week of trading underway, there has been supportive news about progress with federal reform. Hopefully, this news will resonate well with the cannabis sector. In addition to more companies are soon to release more earnings.

Marijuana Stocks And Trading Strategies

Yet for any reason things don’t pick up it’s not a total loss. If at any time pot stocks can not see a recovery it gives more time to find top marijuana stocks to buy. Still with how the current sector is performing keeping a watchful eye for any sudden change is key. This sudden change in trading happens more often with marijuana stocks. Mainly due to how volatile the overall sector can be. Nevertheless with the correct due diligence

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