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What are the biggest marijuana companies in the world? If you are looking for the safest investment, marijuana companies may just be the next big thing. Were we to pinpoint one industry which is sure to continue blooming in the future, both near and distant, that would be precisely this one – a multi-billion business with excellent forecasts.

To fully grasp the importance of this budding market, here are some essential marijuana statistics you should be aware of.

Firstly, the global marijuana market increased by 37% in 2018, which is beyond impressive. The global spending on marijuana is forecast to reach $57 billion. Recreational marijuana will make the majority of it (67%), while medical marijuana spending is about 33%.

The first country that legalized marijuana completely was Uruguay in 2013, whereas Canada followed suit last year. At the moment, the USA is still pondering complete legalization, despite the obvious benefits. For example, the employment rates have escalated due to the marijuana industry. In 2017, new cannabis jobs were given to 121,000 people and the demand for retailers and experts is constantly rising.

The recreational weed states are the following: Alaska, California, Colorado, Main, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Washington, D.C. New York and New Jersey are usually mentioned as the great candidates when discussing the legalization. Illinois has just joined the crowd, but the law will be active from January 2020.

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Should that happen, the first thing we can expect are some great savings, as $3.6 billion of the US citizens’ money was spent on enforcing marijuana possession laws in 2010. What is more, lucrative opportunities are to follow, too. Just look at the most recent marijuana taxes. Washington has the highest taxes on marijuana, so it managed to yield $319 million, with California being a close second ($300

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