210 MPH to 4/20 (2021) – Candid Chronicle

Finally a conclusion to the election, sanity seems restored as justice has been done. Cannabis cultural event outlook for this year should be outstanding due to these results. Can you believe we are half way to 4/20 2021? We have seen an overall peaceful Biden leadership transition. Not to mention the events of the January 6th Trump lead insurrection, but the 20th went as planned. 

Who is Russell Palmer anyways?

I am some what new to the legal cannabis scene. I only represent one of many from within the professional industry who are about to pour into the cannabis industry post covid-19 pandemic. My background has always been in community events, youth development, or professionally in marketing. I have a diverse experience from many marketing roles from being the Google Pay Per Click advertiser for various small businesses. Also, I have been in the capacity of marketing director with a team to manage to deploy tactics to market several brands. I even worked for an agency where we worked with Hemp and Cannabis brands for all their digital marketing needs. However, prior to 2021, I would not have wanted my professional work associated with anything like “Cannabis Cultural Event” but things are changing. I hope we all see changes. Like the article “Just Not for You?” by Canna Culture Reset, I too believe Cannabis is for Everyone! Just like the economy is for all of us, even when it doesn’t necessarily work for our individual benefit alone.

Finally, I am seeing a more professional cannabis industry and I am fully diving in to support! This is one of my first impactful efforts towards using SEO to empower Cannabis news and the cannabis industry! It is pretty cool to be using my skills and best practices learned in the professional

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