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ARL Healthcare has grown its Massachusetts team from just over a dozen people to about 150 employees in a year.

At Massachusetts-based ARL Healthcare, a wholly owned, licensed subsidiary of multistate operator MariMed, cultivation team members start their careers trimming cannabis, one of the most important roles at the facility, says MariMed Chief Operating Officer Tim Shaw.

“That’s the last line of defense of your presentation of this product [before] going to the consumer,” Shaw says. “So, if we do a bad job in trimming, it’s going to show and reflect the brand and what our company stands for. It’s one of the most important jobs, and it’s difficult.”

Leaders communicate this to employees when they start, instilling a sense of pride for the vital step in the production process at the moment they get hired. Reminding the team that what they do matters and how much leaders appreciate their work is a key component of their company culture built on innate motivation and promotions.

While some people thrive in trimming, others do not. Shaw and the other leaders don’t consider that a reflection of the individual, however.

“It’s not because they are bad employees, it’s just not their thing,” Shaw says. “And it’s up to us managers to help them find their thing.”

Managers do that by encouraging employees to work in different departments throughout the facility, trying their hands at trimming, packaging, edibles production, drying and more. Having staff cycle through various roles and knowing what the day-to-day job is like for their colleagues is the backbone of the company culture and how they build camaraderie organically.

“As people move around in the building and work in different departments, I think people understand what it’s like to [do that job],” says Ryan Crandall, senior vice president of sales

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