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Top Marijuana Stocks To Buy This Month? 2 Plays To Consider In July

In the last 8 weeks, many marijuana stocks have been showing a bit more upward consistency in trading. Yet some cannabis stocks even being at lower market levels have shown a bit of volatile trading over the last 2 months. Since the end of April moving into May, the cannabis sector has finally been showing more action. Trading from mid-February to the end of April was not a good time for marijuana stocks as a whole.

During this time period, the entire sector was hit by a big downtrend. This caused many of the top cannabis stocks in the market to fall from higher trading levels. However one of the more positive factors from this negative situation was how cheap pot stocks became. It seemed as if overnight some of the best marijuana stocks to buy were at low entry points.

This momentum in the sector created a buying frenzy amongst investors. Now due to how low cannabis stocks dropped a bigger increase in trading needs to happen before some shareholders can make a profit. Now how most cannabis stocks are currently performing it seems as it’s only a matter of time before investors see the recovery they are anticipating to see. Some analysts attribute this recent boost in momentum that has entered the sector to more states going legal. As well as the fight to enact federal reform and end cannabis prohibition.

With more states that have recently legalized marijuana in some form is has presented more opportunities to the industry. For instance, each new state will be looking for cannabis companies with the best products to build the market. Also with more states creating new markets, more tax money can be used to help fund programs. For example, programs

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