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August 3, 2021 5 min read

This story originally appeared on MarijuanaStocks
2 Marijuana Stocks That Cannabis Investors Are Talking About

Marijuana stocks have started trading in a new month and so far things are building up with more momentum. Now even with the market being incredibly volatile these last few months this initial rise in the sector is a good way to begin August. Many investors and shareholders are watching to see what will change for the sector as far as reaching higher market levels. Right now the entire sector is performing at a lower level but some upward trading has been in favor of some investors.

Some analysts feel that marijuana stocks will at some point trade back at the levels prior to the downtrend. Currently, the overall industry is still flourishing and showing solid growth potential. What may help some cannabis stocks find some upward momentum is more companies are releasing earnings reports. When one cannabis company announces positive earnings it can help create some upward trading amongst marijuana stocks.

Not just that currently in the cannabis industry there is an even bigger push for more comprehensive reform. For example, right now many politicians are working on passing some type of federal cannabis reform. As well as the fight to enacted cannabis banking reform that would allow banks to work with cannabis businesses legally. If and when any of these 2 potential laws are passed it may cause some pot stocks to run.

Cannabis Stocks And Market Update

Not to mention more states in 2021 are soon to vote on legalizing marijuana in some form whether medicinal or recreational. This overall

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