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In the six months since coronavirus lockdowns hit the U.S.—yes, it’s already been six months—Americans across the country have started smoking record amounts of weed. And, to be fair, with never-ending piles of anxiety constantly washing over all of us, outrageous unemployment levels, and half a year stuck at home, it’s not surprising that so many people have rekindled an affair with Mary Jane.

But with more folks upping their zaza intake or rolling up for the first time in the middle of a global pandemic, cannabis safety is more important than ever before. Especially as new data about low outdoor transmission rates inspires safely distanced street meet-ups, park hangouts, and backyard picnics, a classic puff-puff-pass rotation definitely won’t meet CDC standards. 

Thankfully, with the help of a few unique products and newly popular consumption techniques, you can blaze safely with less worry about catching COVID-19 or a case. These are our favorite socially distanced and safety-focused smoking accessories.

Stüdenglass Gravity Hookah

If you’ve spent any time in a college dorm, you’re probably familiar with a gravity bong. The classic campus version usually consists of a large pot of water and a bottomless two-liter soda bottle with the top turned into a pipe bowl. When you light the bowl and pull the soda bottle up, the two-liter fills with smoke. Once smoke fills the bottle, stoners unscrew the top and push the bottle back into the pot of water, releasing a huge plume of heavily concentrated smoke. 

The Stüdenglass Gravity Hookah is a large tabletop device that follows the same general concept of a college grav bong, but instead of an old Coke bottle, this uses two large, sturdy hourglass chambers that rotate, fill with smoke, and send your favorite strain billowing into the air. Simply put your

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