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Buy Black weed. Period.

Here are 10 Black-owned cannabis farms, and the flagship strains they want you to try. Since there are so very few Black owners in each state, sometimes only one or none at all, this list mostly spans across West Coast states — California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington — with slim picks from Colorado and Washington DC that have an established recreational cannabis market. 

Hollingsworth Cannabis: Papaya Punch 

State: Washington

Hollingsworth Cannabis in Washington state is a family-owned and operated company. They have two sectors: the THC side of the company, named Hollingsworth Cannabis, and the CBD hemp side of the company, named Hollingsworth Hemp Company. Eco-friendly, all of their crops are grown using solar energy and nutrient-dense soil packed with natural earth worm castings.

Hollingsworth’s flagship cannabis strains are their Papaya Punch and Mac and Cheese.

Ball Family Farms: Daniel LaRusso 

State: California

Ball Family Farms in California is a social equity licensed farm founded by Chris Ball. 

They have a plethora of strains inspired by Kung-Fu movies, like the Last Dragon and Karate Kid. While they currently offer Bruce Leroy, Sho-Nuff, and Miyagi-Do strains, their flagship hard hitter that you should definitely try is called Daniel LaRusso.

A hybrid cannabis strain that is perfect for balance, Daniel LaRusso hits the nose with both spicy and minty aromas that won’t leave you feeling too spacey. Ball tells us that this strain’s satisfying high is perfect for an afternoon adventure in your canary yellow 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe.

Bridges Academy Farms: Cherry Fritter

State: California

Founded by Joel McClure, <a data-segment-link data-segment-name="Embed

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